Professional Learning Community

PLC Team
  • The Braymer C4 School District is proud to be a Professional Learning Community. While we do follow and believe in all the philosophy’s associated with a true PLC, because of our school district's size we do have to make adjustments to the PLC process to meet our needs. 

    The main goals of the Professional Learning Community is to answer the following, Four Corollary Questions


    What do we expect students to learn?


    How will we know if students are learning?


    What will we do when a student does not learn?


    What will we do when a student is learning?


The PLC Leadership Team

  • The following are members of the Braymer C4 PLC Leadership team. This team works to ensure staff communication as well as district wide initiatives are implemented successfully. This group works to ensure every action we take works to satisfy the four corollary questions. 


PLC Team Members